Hello, I'm Hakan Baysal!
I am an earthling who tries to keep up with changes. Software development is my hobby, my job and my curiosity. I develop hobby IoT projects with embedded system software in my time off work (all this takes my 75 hours a week). I do not hesitate to consult and research. I like to do brainstorming and share what I know.

Technologies I use almost every day; Python, Flask, RabbitMQ, Celery, Redis, Docker, Sentry, GrayLog, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Flower, Kubernetes, Scrapy, Splash, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Javascript, OpenCV, Image Processing, Linux, Centos, Windows Servers.

Technologies I use occasionally; PHP, Symfony, CakePHP, Android, Java, SpringBoot, PrimeFaces, NodeJS, Socket.io, Django, .Net, LDAP, NTLM, IIS, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, ReactJS, AngularJS, MsSQL, MemCached, SQLite, SOAP Services.

Personal Information

Hakan Baysal
London / United Kingdom
[email protected]
Elazig / Turkey


Senior Software Development Engineer

CatchProbe Software Technologies

Development of the Smart Deceptive project.

Development of the DarkMap project.

Development of the LeakMap project.

Development of the CrimeSuite project.

Development of the SSO project.

HackIstanbul'21 technical committee member.

Senior Software Development Specialist

Proda IT

Development of the Sandbox project in cooperation with STM.

Defense Industry Presidency YETEN project development.

Development of EYDEP project within the scope of YETEN project.

SSO project development.

Used Technologies: Python, SonarQube, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ, Celery, Flower, Sentry, PostgreSQL, .Net, LDAP, NTLM

Senior Software Development Specialist

InterProbe Defence Tech. Corp.

Development of Gateway and Linux Engine projects.

Used Technologies: Python, RabbitMQ, Flask, Celery, Redis, RESTful Services, Docker, Sentry, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Flower

Software Developer


Backend development for www.epttavm.com e-commerce website.

Backend development for HGS.

Used Technologies: PHP Symfony 4/5, Nginx, MongoDB, Redis Cache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, RESTful Services, SOAP Services, Docker, Graylog, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ

Software Developing Expert

Proda IT

Development of API Gateway project for e-Government services of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

RESTful, SOAP, WEB Socket API Documentation Generator projects developing for API Gateway.

Used Technologies: Php, Nginx, MongoDB, Redis Cache, NodeJS, Socket.IO, MsSQL, AngularJS, RESTful Services, SOAP Services, ReactJS, ElasticSearch, Git, Python, Docker, Android, PostgreSQL

Software Engineer

Grid Group

Air Clinic Passenger Tracking Application Web and Android applications development.

Development of Hospital Information Management Systems projects, development of patient admission appointment system and KIOSK projects.

IIS management, Vesta CPanel installation, management.

joycolours.com e-commerce site installation, management.
ulusoy.com.tr software developer and Ulusoy Tourism Android application development.

Used Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Boilerplate, MsSQL, AngularJS, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Datazen Server, Php, Codeigniter, CakePHP, MySQL, VestaCP, Nginx, Apache2, Prestashop, Wordpress, Sitecore, Android, Firebase, Socket.IO, MongoDB, NodeJS, Drupal, Power BI, Oracle BI, Java, ExtJS, Spring Boot, FFmpeg

System Support Expert

Yonca GIS Informatics

Development and management of Naviskop and Service Tracking Vehicle Tracking Systems software, yoncacbs.com, naviskop.com and servisizle.com web-based geographic information systems software development.

Performing Linux Server installation and management on Google Cloud Compute Engine. GlassFish Server installation and management.

Used Technologies: Java, Android, JSF, JSP, PrimeFaces, Php, SOAP Services, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, CSS3, Bash Script, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Software Developing Expert

HDRobotic IT

Creation of the HDRobotic Ground Control Unit desktop application for Copters. Performing 100% copter control in virtual environment and performing Autonomous Object Tracking software.

Production of HDRobotik Quadcopter and HDRobotik Hexacopter.

Development of Python based applications.

Used Technologies: ROS (Robot Operation System), OpenCV, APM (Arducopter Mega), Raspberry Pi, Python, PyGame

Information Technology Intern

Bilim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tablet computer setup.

Web Programmer (Part Time)

Firat University IT Department

Firat University web systems development.

Linux server installation and management required Web Server, DNS server, Mail Server, Database Server, FTP Server settings to be made.

Windows server installation and management. IIS, DNS server settings and Active Directory management.

Installation, management and development of ready scripts such as Wordpress, Wordpress MU, Drupal, Drupal Multisite, LimeSurvey, Joomla, Vbulletin.

Firat University Main Web Page, Blog Firat, Academic Questionnaire System, 7th International World Language Turkish Symposium, Administrative Units Sites, Academic Units Sites, Central Authentication Service (CAS), Web site applications such as Personnel Information System.

Used Technologies: Php, Smarty, CodeIgniter, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Drupal, Wordpress, LimeSurvey

Software Intern

Turk Telecom

ASP Mobile Approval Design of BlackBerry application of C # project.

Graphic and Web Designer (Part Time)

HP Store - Atlantis Dogu Computer

E-Commerce software development and management and Google Adwords advertising management.

Php Bot encodings, Api integrations, payment system integrations, Php Script arrangements, website software.

Used Technologies: Php, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Information Technology Intern

TAV - Ankara Esenboga Airport

Technical support services.


Neuromarketing (Master's Degree)

Uskudar University - Social Sciences Institute

Computer Engineering (License)

Firat University - Engineering Faculty

High School

Balakgazi High School - Science


A few of the hundreds of projects I've done so far.


Software Developer (Freelance)


Social network application done.

Used Technologies: Php, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


Mobile App Developer (Freelance)

Preparation of Uniaktivite Android Application.

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uniaktivite.android

Used Technologies: Android, Metarial Design, Volley Library

Unkapanı Digital

Software Developer (Freelance)

Preparation of Unkapanı Digital website. Preparation of server systems.


Used Technologies: Php, CodeIgniter, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, DigitalOcean, Prestashop

Shambhala Barcelona

Software Developer (Freelance)


E-commerce site software and Prestashop custom theme made.

Used Technologies: Php, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Prestashop

Bezelye Teknoloji

Software Developer (Grid Group)


Bezelye.com e-commerce site e-billing, cargo management.

Supplier management screen, management of products and services, product price analysis management, Google Merchant API integration.

Used Technologies: Php, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Google Cloud APIs, Google Cloud


Mobile App Developer (Freelance)

Coorf Android Application

Coorf chat application, database, API, server software development/installation.

Used Technologies: Android, Php, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Google Cloud



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Php %90
Python %90
Java %60
Android %80
NodeJS %60
RabbitMQ %100
Kubernetes %60
Redis %100
OpenCV %70
Socket.IO %80
Bash %80
ROS %80
Elasticsearch %80
Web Services %100
Docker %60
Linux %80
Arduino %80
Orange Pi %90
MySQL %90
PostgreSQL %90
Oracle %70
SQLite %80
MongoDB %80


Eleco Symposium Official Participant

TMMOB - November 2014

Autopilot Ground Control Unit for Multi Rotor Robots
Eleco Symposium Official Participant

Tubitak – 2241/B

Tubitak - June 2013

Industry Oriented Undergraduate Graduation Project Competition
With Spotter Kopter Robot Control project
Information and Communication Technologies Subcategory - First Prize

Tubitak – 2241/A

Tubitak - November 2013

Implementation of the Spotter Kopter Robot Control project supported by Industry-Oriented License Graduation Thesis Support Program


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